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 Signet French Grille Panel Mosaic

Style #: SGMOFR

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Signet French Grille Panel Mosaic Style #: SGMOFR


Signet echoes more contemporary options with open fields and repeating patterns. Motifs lean toward light-hearted and casual. With a change of background color or scale, the feel shifts from whimsical informality to restrained chic.


  • Handmade mosaics offering a great value for the investment
  • Many of the patterns in this mosaic line are proprietary and exclusive to Waterworks.
  • Each mosaic piece, or tesserae, is handled by a mosaic artist one piece at a time
  • Skilled artisans at our factory can assist in creating custom work from a drawing or inspiration.
  • Mosaics create beautiful compositions, respecting architecture and reflecting personal style



Contact your sales associate or 1 (800) 899-6757 for assistance and availability of stop ends, corners, bullnose, and other technical pieces related to this style.

Every fitting or fixture, tile or textile meets our uncompromising standards for quality assurance and excellence — proving that functionality and aesthetics go hand-in-hand.
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The made-to-order program offers clients an expansive range of possibilities, including special finishes on fittings, custom colors and sizes for ceramics, artistic mosaics, and custom kitchen sinks.
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