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Aqualinea Park Place Block Corner Style #: AQBCPP


Aqualinea is a high tech/high design in stone. The patterns are versatile, scalable and transformed by palette choices. Precision waterjet computer generated technology has given us the opportunity to explore new design capability for stone.



  • Stone mosaics produced using a waterjet process
  • Waterjet cut pieces are assembled into pattern mosaics by hand
  • Modern technology revives the ancient art of mosaics with curves, circles, and laser-like precision
  • Contrasting finishes and or stone colors create texture and balance
  • Large color palette, available in polished and honed, achieves detailed color combinations and perfect gradation


Contact your sales associate or 1 (800) 899-6757 for assistance and availability of stop ends, corners, bullnose, and other technical pieces related to this style.

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