Crafted by skilled artisans, our glazed ceramic tile comes in a worldly palette, from light neutrals to rich, deep and brightly saturated hues. Each carefully selected shade complements the next, for limitless combinations.


Architectonics handmade tile has been meticulously refined throughout 20 years of evolving shapes, textures, trims and limitless colors. When installed together on walls or floors, the beauty of each individual tile is magnified, creating a uniquely nuanced, dimensional effect.



Archive tile comes in a comprehensive range of classic designs, all inspired by historical, architectural forms. Treated with thick glazes, each handmade piece has a robust, organic feel and is complemented by bold decorative trims and moldings.


district tile

District tiles are cast in deep, elemental colors, with transparent glazes that crackle and pool to create rich tonal variations. Accented by beautiful architectural trims, including detailed bases and proud crown moldings, they give a space warmth and character.

District Tile


From the halls of higher learning to the famed walls of the Paris Metro, understated ceramic surfaces serve as backdrops from which great things emerge. Shiny finishes and neutral tones make Campus ideal for cladding walls in a variety of settings.

Campus Tile


Painterly, fluid brushstrokes wash over our dust-pressed Claypaper tile. Each piece is hand-painted in soft colors, creating a gentle and varied artistic effect that partners well with many other surfaces.

Claypaper Tile


Built around a soft, neutral palette, our handmade Cottage tile includes crackled glazes, textured patterns and hits of color that make it easy to bring depth and dimension to a bath. Gently rounded edges give each piece a pillowy feel.

Cottage Tile