Made To Order Mosaics

Striking. Stylish. And equally transformative on walls and floors. Our stone mosaics are crafted from the finest quality stone, using cutting-edge technology and time-honored craftsmanship to create singular, artful designs throughout the home.


Engineered to add texture and distinction to any surface, our Aqualinea mosaics represent a blend of design, technology and exquisite stone. Using water jets, artisans precisely cut the material into limitless combinations, allowing for both traditional and modern patterns for any room of the home.



Referencing classic wood designs, our MasterPiece styles are precisely engineered to capture the beauty of stone with an unexpected interplay of its veining and shadings. Designs can be scaled up or down, letting you personalize a space of any size.



Handmade Signet mosaics come in contemporary options with open fields and repeating patterns. Motifs lean toward light-hearted and casual. With a change of background color or scale, the feel shifts from whimsical informality to restrained chic.



Our Parramore mosaics capture the classical designs of a timeless art form. Paler shades add depth, texture and subtle sophistication to the bath, while patterned borders bring an air of refinement to a shower wall or floor.