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Promenade Decorative Field Tile Victoria Aggregate

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  • Sprinkle Sprinkle


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Item Details

  • Promenade COLLECTION

    Promenade celebrates the centuries old tradition of making cement tiles combining natural materials and artisanal craftsmanship. The collection combines modern and traditional patterns with its own unique palette. Promenade is eco-friendly, durable and beautiful.

    • Terrazzos and aggregates are placed by hand in each tile creating unique irregularities
    • Terrazzo and aggregates available in multiple sizes
    • Tiles are strong and durable with a smooth surface
    • Concrete is recognized internationally as a fine building material which endorses "green" manufacturing processes, adding to the lasting value of this line
    • Palette includes design tiles, concrete field tiles, and aggregate field tiles which can be coordinated to create unlimited design possibilities

Technical Documents

Technical Details

    • Care and Cleaning Summary: Tiles and grout joints should be sealed with Miracle Sealants Porous Plus after installation and periodically as needed. Clean the surface with a non-abrasive, mild and PH neutral cleanser such as Mirasoap from Miracle Sealants; do not use bleach or acids. For a thorough understanding on specific care and cleaning options, please refer to the TCNA (Tile Council of North America) at
    • Interior / Exterior Application: Interior or Exterior- See Collection Tearsheet
    • Depth / Width: 12.00 INCH
    • Grout Type Suggested: Unsanded
    • Glaze / Finish: Matte Solid
    • Color Group: White
    • Grout Joint Suggested: 0.13 INCH
    • Primary Unit of Measure: Square Feet
    • Wall / Floor Application: Wall or Floor- See Collection Tearsheet
    • Size Variation: All sizes are nominal: +/- 1/8"
    • Product Variation: Color and surface variation is an inherent characteristic of cement and should be expected. Please inquire for additional information.
Promenade Decorative Field Tile Victoria Aggregate
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family name Promenade



Promenade Decorative Field Tile Victoria Aggregate


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