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  1. Hyacinth

    Hyacinth Medium Rectangular Basket with Leather Handles

    Style: WWBA08
    List: FROM
  2. Hyacinth

    Hyacinth Large Rectangular Basket with Leather Handles

    Style: WWBA09
    List: FROM
  3. Palm

    Palm Laundry Basket

    Style: PLBA10
    List: FROM
  4. Palm

    Palm Large Oval Storage Basket

    Style: PLBA11
    List: FROM
  5. Palm

    Palm Nested Serving Tray

    Style: PLTR04
    List: FROM
  6. Rattan

    Rattan Medium Rectangular Basket

    Style: RABA04
    List: FROM
  7. Hyacinth

    Hyacinth Small Rectangular Basket

    Style: WWBA01
    List: FROM
  8. Palm

    Palm Toilet Tissue Basket

    Style: PLBA06
    List: FROM
  9. Rattan

    Rattan Extra Large Rectangular Basket

    Style: RABA01
    List: FROM
  10. Palm

    Palm Hair Dryer Basket

    Style: PLBA07
    List: FROM
  11. Harvest

    Harvest Large Rectangular Basket

    Style: HSBA07
    List: FROM
  12. Harvest

    Harvest Rectangular Tray

    Style: HSTR02
    List: FROM
  13. Palm

    Palm Shelf Basket

    Style: PLBA15
    List: FROM
  14. Palm

    Palm Medium Oval Storage Basket with Handles

    Style: PLBA09
    List: FROM
  15. Harvest

    Harvest Small Rectangular Basket

    Style: HSBA05
    List: FROM
  16. Harvest

    Harvest Large Basket

    Style: HSBA02
    List: FROM
  17. Palm

    Palm Small Round Storage Basket with Handles

    Style: PLBA08
    List: FROM
  18. Harvest

    Harvest Medium Rectangular Basket

    Style: HSBA06
    List: FROM
  19. Palm

    Palm Small Bounty Basket

    Style: PLBA12
    List: FROM
  20. Palm

    Palm Medium Bounty Basket

    Style: PLBA13
    List: FROM
  21. Harvest

    Harvest Extra Small Rectangular Basket

    Style: HSBA03
    List: FROM
  22. Palm

    Palm Rectangle Basket with Lid

    Style: PLBA04
    List: FROM
  23. Equus

    Equus Leather Storage Basket with Handles and Lid

    Style: EQBA02
    List: FROM
  24. Palm

    Palm Bottle Basket

    Style: PLBA14
    List: FROM

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