Pullman brings timeless sophistication to any setting. Exclusive to Waterworks, the unique design features intricate, hand-applied metalwork that is inset into each panel, with handles and knobs engineered specifically for this cabinetry and integrated into the strapping. Geometric “L” brackets reference iconic campaign furniture; the solid brass trim draws on classic Regency forms. The result is a custom, layered look that transcends eras.


Customize Pullman

Choose from our signature palette of 8 superior wood finishes and 24 paint colors. Pullman’s unique, integrated metalwork is available in 6 hardware finishes that alter the look dramatically.



Our Belden cabinetry range is classic with a twist: a familiar paneled wood door reimagined in a distinctive, transitional style. With its subtle cove molding and wide flat band, the design pays homage to both American Federal detailing and 20th-century French neoclassicism. The resulting forms have a unique simplicity that pairs well with a variety of hardware styles, and lends instant architecture to a room without overpowering it.


Customize Belden

Choose from 8 superior wood finishes and 24 paint colors, including on-site hand-painted options. Then further personalize the look with one or a mix of 9 door styles: mesh, chicken wire, antique mirror and other timeless panel designs.


9 Belden Door Styles



Modern and minimalist, Alta cabinetry incorporates mid-century elements with notable architectural and industrial influences. Elegantly pared down to emphasize the beauty of natural oak and walnut wood, Alta forms a smooth, continuous façade that embodies understated style. The design offers vast customizable combinations and invites a broad range of highly sculptural hardware.


Customize Alta

Choose from 8 superior wood finishes and 24 paint colors. Add recessed hardware for a seamless effect; regular hardware for a more traditional, equally beautiful feel; or to enhance the sense of craftsmanship, a mix of both.



With its distinctive v-groove wood paneling and metal strapping, Bridle retains a French neoclassical sensibility, yet this exclusive design also incorporates details from vintage luggage, antique car trunks and honest plank doors. Integrated hardware, including exposed olive-knuckle hinges, slotted dome screws and sturdy pulls, further the layered effect. The result: Unique, exceptionally versatile forms that transition between urban sophistication and traditional warmth.


Customize Bridle

Choose from our signature palette of 8 superior wood finishes and 24 paint colors, as well as 7 metal finishes for the integrated hardware. The combination you choose adds textural depth in different ways, taking the aesthetic in striking new directions.





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